Tesla Model X Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model X: Disconnecting the Tow Hitch

After towing, remove the hitch:

1. Insert the key and turn to align the top of the key with the "unlocked" position.

2. While firmly holding the bottom of the hitch (to prevent it from dropping to the ground), pull the locking cylinder out approximately 1/8" (0.5 cm), and turn it clockwise until the red marking on the locking cylinder aligns with the white dot. At this point, the locking cylinder is locked in the "open" and the hitch drops out of the housing.

WARNING: Be careful when turning the locking cylinder. If it does not lock into the "Open Position", it automatically retracts into its original "closed" position and can pinch your fingers.

3. Reinstall the dust cover on the hitch housing to prevent dirt from accumulating inside the housing.

4. Close the dust cover on the hitch's locking cylinder and store the hitch in a secure location.

Attaching and Removing the Ball Mount

The Model X towing package does not include a ball mount. You must purchase a ball mount suitable for the type of trailer you are towing. The Model X hitch receiver supports a ball mount up to 8" with a rise of up to 0.75". Do not use any type of drop ball mount.

Towing and Accessories

To attach a ball mount:

1. If necessary, remove the cotter pin from the locking bolt and slide the locking bolt out of the hitch assembly.

2. Slide the ball holder into the hitch assembly.

3. Align the hole in the ball holder with the one in the hitch assembly.

4. Slide the locking bolt through the hitch assembly/ball holder.

5. Insert the cotter pin in the hole at the end of the locking bolt.

To remove a ball mount:

1. Remove the cotter pin from the locking bolt and slide the locking bolt out of the ball holder/hitch assembly.

2. Pull the ball holder out of the hitch assembly.


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