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Tesla Model X 2015-2023 Owner's Manual / Maintenance / Parts and Accessories / Parts, Accessories, and Modifications

Use only genuine Tesla parts and accessories. Tesla performs rigorous testing on parts to ensure their suitability, safety, and reliability. Purchase these parts from Tesla, where they are professionally installed and where you can receive expert advice about modifications to Model X. Accessories are available for purchase from Tesla stores or online at www.tesla.com.

NOTE: Some accessories may not be available in your market region.

Tesla is unable to assess parts manufactured by other distributors and therefore accepts no responsibility if you use non-Tesla parts on Model X.

WARNING: Installing non-approved parts and accessories, or performing non-approved modifications, can affect the performance of Model X and the safety of its occupants. Any damage caused by using or installing non- approved parts, or by performing non-approved modifications, is not covered by the warranty.

WARNING: Tesla does not accept liability for death, personal injury or damage that occurs if you use or install non-approved accessories or make non-approved modifications.

Body Repairs

If your Model X is in a collision, contact Tesla or a Tesla- approved Body Shop to ensure that it is repaired with genuine Tesla parts. Tesla has selected and approved body shops that meet strict requirements for training, equipment, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Some repair shops and insurance companies might suggest using non-original equipment or salvaged parts to save money. However, these parts do not meet Tesla's high standards for quality, fit and corrosion resistance. In addition, non-original equipment and salvaged parts (and any damage or failures they might cause) are not covered by the warranty.


     Replacing Cabin Air Filters

    Model X has an air filter that prevents pollen, industrial fallout, road dust, and other particles from entering the cabin through the vents. Tesla recommends replacing these filters every 2 years


     Identification Labels

    Vehicle Identification Number You can find the VIN at the following locations: Touch Controls > Software. Stamped on a plate located at the top of the dashboard. Can be seen by looking through


     Tips to Maximize Range

    You can maximize your driving range using the same driving habits you use to conserve fuel in a gasoline- powered vehicle. To achieve maximum range: Slow down your driving and avoid frequent and rapid acceleration. Consider using Chill Mode (touch Controls > Pedals & Steering > Acce

     Bracket - Headlamp Support - LH (Remove and Replace)

    Remove Remove the headlamp (refer to procedure). Caution: Note the routing of the harness through the headlamp bracket. Ensure that is routed correctly during reinstallation. Release the positive and negative wires from the horn.

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