Tesla Model X Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model X: Pedals & Steering

Acceleration Adjust the amount of acceleration. Chill limits acceleration for a slightly smoother and gentler ride, whereas Sport provides the normal level of acceleration. (See Acceleration Modes).

NOTE: When Chill is selected, Chill displays on the touchscreen above the driving speed.

Drag Strip Mode: Preconditions the vehicle for improved performance in short distance racing (see Drag Strip Mode).

Steering Mode: Adjust the amount of effort required to turn the steering yoke (see Adjusting Steering Effort).

Apply Brakes When Regenerative Braking Is Limited: Choose if you want the regular braking system to automatically engage whenever regenerative braking is unavailable or limited (for example, the Battery is cold or fully charged). When enabled and you release your foot from the accelerator pedal when regenerative braking is limited, the braking system engages to provide the same amount of deceleration you experience when regenerative braking is available. This results in consistent deceleration regardless of the state of the Battery. See Regenerative Braking.

Auto Shift out of Park: Turn on if you want Model X to automatically choose the initial drive mode (Drive or Reverse). See Shifting.

Automatic Turn Signals: If set to Auto Cancel, turn signals cancel automatically when Model X detects completion of maneuvers such as merges, lane changes, and forks in the roadway (unless you override this by pressing and holding when you engage the turn signal). If set to Off, you must cancel turn signals after these types of maneuvers by pressing the turn signal button (see Turn Signals).

Slip Start: Turn on to allow wheels to spin (see Traction Control).

Trailer Mode: Enable Trailer Mode before towing a trailer (see Towing and Accessories).


Adjust the settings associated with the air suspension system. You can adjust the Ride Height (helpful for increasing ground clearance on steep driveways, etc.) and you can optimize ride and handling by adjusting settings for Adaptive Suspension Damping. See Air Suspension.

NOTE: To raise the suspension to High, you can also touch the Raise Suspension shortcut on the main Controls screen, instead of displaying all Suspension settings.


View charging status and adjust settings related to charging Model X (see Charging Instructions).



    NOTE: Depending on market region, vehicle configuration, options purchased, and software version, your vehicle may not be equipped with all Autopilot features described below Customize how some of


    Keys: You can see all the keys used for Model X and their associated driver profiles. You can add, delete, and change the driver profile associated with each key (see Driver Profiles). Window Lock


    Appearance: Customize the display to be Dark or Light. When set to Auto, the brightness changes automatically based on ambient lighting conditions. Brightness: Drag the slider to manually contr


     Key Fob

    You can quickly familiarize yourself with the key fob by thinking of it as a miniature version of Model X, with the Tesla badge representing the front. The key has buttons that feel like softer areas on the surface. Trunk Double-click to open or close the rear trunk. If equipped with a powe

     Horizontal Alignment

    Note: Perform the "Vertical Alignment" procedure before performing the "Horizontal Alignment" procedure. Connect a laptop with Toolbox 2.0 or later to the vehicle. Perform the Radar Service Drive Alignment (SDA) procedure: Note: Bring the adjustmen

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