Tesla Model X Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model X: Real-time Visualization

The image of your Model X on the Suspension screen provides a real-time visualization of the status of the air suspension system. In addition to visually showing changes to the ride height, it displays Compression and Rebound lines that reflect how the suspension system is controlling the dampers for each wheel based on your chosen settings and changing road conditions. Both are controlled simultaneously. Touch Show Suspension Data to display detailed information about the dampers for each wheel, including ride height, compression and rebound values, and body accelerations.

Auto-Raising Locations

Whenever you raise the suspension to High or Very High, the location is automatically saved. By saving the location, you do not need to manually raise the suspension every time you arrive at a frequently-used location where you have previously raised the suspension. When you return to the saved location, Model X raises the suspension and the instrument panel displays a message indicating that the suspension is being raised.

When saving locations, Model X also saves the Keep until XX mph setting (if specified).

NOTE: When returning to a saved location and driving faster than the High and Very High suspension settings allow, the suspension does not raise until Model X slows down.

NOTE: After leaving a saved location, the suspension automatically lowers. However, it may not lower until Model X meets the speed and distance threshold at which the suspension lowers.

NOTE: If Model X reaches a saved location and the existing suspension setting is already higher than the level that has been saved for that location, the ride height is not adjusted.

To remove an auto-raising location

If you do not want the suspension to automatically raise at a location, touch to deselect Always raise at this location in the popup that appears when you arrive at a saved location. Or, when using the Raise Suspension shortcut on the main Controls window, touch to deselect Location Saved.


Model X equipped with air suspension automatically self- levels, even when power is off. To prevent damage when jacking or lifting the vehicle, you must activate Jack Mode to disable self-leveling (press the brake pedal and touch Controls > Service > Jack Mode). For more details, see Jack Mode.


     Voice Commands

    Use voice commands to easily control settings and preferences without using the touchscreen. You can ask Model X to do just about anything, such as adjusting climate controls and media preferences.

     Safety & Security Settings

     About the Security System

    If Model X does not detect a key nearby and a locked door or trunk is opened, an alarm sounds. The headlights and turn signals also flash. To deactivate the alarm, press any button on the key fob.



    NOTE: Depending on market region, vehicle configuration, options purchased, and software version, your vehicle may not be equipped with Autosteer, or the feature may not operate exactly as described. NOTE: Autosteer is a BETA feature. Autosteer builds upon Traffic-Aware Cruise Control (see Traffi

     Wiper Blades - Pair (Remove and Replace)

    Removal Use the touchscreen to set the wipers to Service Mode. Lift the wiper arm. Press the 2 tabs to release the wiper blade. Remove the wiper blade from the wiper arm. Place a cloth under the end of

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