Tesla Model X Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model X: Active Safety Features

Tesla Model X 2015-2023 Owner's Manual / Active Safety Features


 Lane Assist

Model X monitors the markers on the lane you are driving in as well as the surrounding areas for the presence of vehicles or other objects. When an object is detected in your blind spot or near th

 Steering Interventions

Lane Assist provides steering interventions if Model X drifts into (or close to) an adjacent lane in which an object, such as a vehicle, is detected. In these situations, Model X automatically stee

 Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance

Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance automatically applies steering to avoid a potential collision in situations where: Model X is departing a lane and may collide with a vehicle traveling in the


 After Driving

Leave Model X plugged in when not in use. This uses the charging system, rather than the Battery itself, to keep the Battery warm (see High Voltage Battery Information). Scheduled Departure When parked, plug in Model X and use the Schedule settings, available on both the charging and climate con

 Module - Rear Door Electromechanical Controller - LH (Remove and Replace)

Remove Remove the spine closing plate (refer to procedure). Disconnect the harnesses from the module.Tip: Mark the location of the connectors so that they are reinstalled correctly. Release the fasteners that se

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