Tesla Model X Owners & Service Manuals


Tesla Model X 2015-2024 Owner's Manual

      L Overview
           L Exterior/Interior Overview
           L Touchscreen Overview
      L Opening and Closing
           L Keys
                L Three Types of Keys
                L Key Card
                L Key Fob
                L Passive Locking and Unlocking
                L Managing Keys
           L Doors
                L Opening and Closing Front Doors from Outside
                L Opening and Closing Falcon Wing Doors
                L Opening Interior Doors with No Power
                L Front Door Reset
                L Walk-Away Door Lock
           L Windows
           L Rear Trunk
                L Opening
                L Adjusting Liftgate Opening Height
                L Accessing the Cargo Area
           L Front Trunk
                L Opening
                L Closing
                L Interior Emergency Release
           L Interior Storage and Electronics
                L Center Console
                L USB Ports
                L USB Drive Requirements for Recording Videos
                L Wireless Phone Chargers
                L Low Voltage Power Socket
                L Coat Hangers
           L Sun Visors
           L Front and Rear Seats
                L Correct Driving Position
                L Adjusting Front Seats
                L Adjusting Second Row Seats (Bench)
                L Folding Second Row Seats (Bench)
                L Adjusting Second Row Seats (Monopost)
                L Accessing Third Row Seats (if equipped)
                L Folding Third Row Seats (if equipped)
                L Seat Heaters
           L Seat Belts
                L Wearing Seat Belts
                L To Fasten a Belt
                L Wearing Seat Belts When Pregnant
                L Testing Seat Belts
           L Child Safety Seats
                L Guidelines for Seating Children
                L Choosing a Child Safety Seat
                L Installing Child Safety Seats
                L Installing LATCH (ISOFIX) Child Seats
                L Attaching Upper Tether Straps
                L Testing a Child Safety Seat
           L Airbags
                L Location of Airbags
                L Types of Airbags
                L Controlling the Passenger Front Airbag
                L Ensuring Accurate Occupant Classification
                L Examples of Correct and Incorrect Seating Positions
                L Airbag Warning Indicator
      L Driving
           L Driver Profiles
                L Creating a Driver Profile
                L Using Tesla Profiles
                L Valet Mode
           L Steering Yoke
                L Adjusting Steering Yoke Position
                L Overview of Steering Yoke Buttons
                L Left Scroll Button
                L Right Scroll Button
           L Mirrors
                L Adjusting Exterior Mirrors
                L Folding Mirrors at Specific Locations
           L Starting and Powering Off
                L Starting
                L Powering Off
           L Shifting
                L Auto Shift out of Park
                L Shifting Using the Touchscreen
                L Shift Using the Center Console
                L Park
                L Drive
                L Keeping Your Vehicle in Neutral (Transport Mode)
           L Lights
                L Controlling Lights
                L High Beam Headlights
                L Rear Reading Lights
                L Turn Signals
           L Instrument Panel
                L Instrument Panel Overview
                L Instrument Panel - Driving
                L Indicator Lights
           L Wipers and Washers
           L Braking and Stopping
                L Braking Systems
                L Emergency Braking
                L Regenerative Braking
                L Parking Brake
           L Traction Control
           L Park Assist
                L How Park Assist Works
                L Visual and Audio Feedback
                L Limitations and False Warnings
           L Vehicle Hold
           L Acceleration Modes
           L Trip Information
           L Getting Maximum Range
                L Factors Affecting Energy Consumption
                L Tips to Maximize Range
                L Range Assurance
           L Rear Facing Camera(s)
                L Camera Location
                L Cleaning a Camera
           L Towing and Accessories
                L Carrying Accessories
                L Towing Capacity
                L Before Towing a Trailer
                L Trailer Mode
                L Trailer Brakes
                L Towing Guidelines
                L Connecting the Tow Hitch
                L Disconnecting the Tow Hitch
                L Electrical Connections
           L Cold Weather Best Practices
                L Before Driving
                L While Driving
                L After Driving
      L Autopilot
           L About Autopilot
                L How It Works
                L Autopilot Features
                L Limitations
                L Cleaning Cameras and Sensors
           L Traffic-Aware Cruise Control
                L To Use Traffic-Aware Cruise Control
                L Changing the Cruising Speed
                L HOLD State
                L Adjust the Following Distance
                L Overtake Acceleration
                L Canceling and Resuming
                L Summary of Cruise Indicators
           L Autosteer
                L Operating Autosteer
                L Restricted Speed
                L Auto Lane Change
                L Adjacent Lane Speed
                L Limitations
           L Navigate on Autopilot
                L Enabling and Customizing Navigate on Autopilot
                L Operating Navigate on Autopilot
                L Lane Changes
           L Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control
                L Before Using
                L Traffic Lights
                L Stop Signs and Road Markings
                L Limitations
           L Autopark
                L Parameters
                L To Use Autopark
                L To Pause Parking
           L Summon
                L Before Using Summon
                L Using Summon to Park and Retrieve your Vehicle
                L Operating Summon with the Key Fob
                L Stopping or Canceling Summon
           L Smart Summon
                L Before Using Smart Summon
                L Standby Mode
                L Limitations
           L Lane Assist
                L Steering Interventions
                L Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance
                L Limitations and Inaccuracies
           L Collision Avoidance Assist
                L Forward Collision Warning
                L Automatic Emergency Braking
                L Multi-Collision Braking
                L Limitations and Inaccuracies
           L Speed Assist
                L How Speed Assist Works
                L Limitations and Inaccuracies
           L Cabin Camera
      L Using the Touchscreen
           L Controls
                L Controls - Overview
                L Pedals & Steering
                L Autopilot
                L Locks
                L Display
                L Navigation
                L Safety
                L Service
                L Software
           L Climate Controls
                L Overview of Climate Controls
                L Adjusting Climate Control Settings
                L Climate Popup
                L Adjusting the Front and Rear Vents
                L Keep Climate On, Dog, and Camp
                L Cabin Air Filter(s)
           L Maps and Navigation
                L Map Overview
                L Map Display
                L Navigation Settings
                L Navigating to a Destination
                L I'm Feeling Lucky, Hungry
                L Charging Locations
                L Predicting Energy Usage
                L Trip Planner
           L Media
                L Overview
                L Volume Controls
                L Recents and Favorites
           L Entertainment
           L Phone and Calendar
                L Bluetooth Compatibility
                L Pairing a Bluetooth Phone
                L Importing Contacts and Recent Calls
                L Using the Phone App
                L Receiving a Phone Call
           L Air Suspension
                L Adjusting Ride Height
                L Adaptive Suspension Damping
                L Real-time Visualization
           L Voice Commands
           L Safety & Security Settings
                L About the Security System
                L PIN to Drive
                L Speed Limit Mode
           L Dashcam and Sentry Mode
                L Using Dashcam
                L Using Sentry Mode
                L Standby, Alert, and Alarm States
                L Sentry Mode - View Live Camera
                L Viewing Video Recordings
           L HomeLink Universal Transceiver
                L About HomeLink
                L Programming HomeLink
                L Auto Opening and Closing
                L Troubleshooting HomeLink
           L Connecting to Wi-Fi
           L Software Updates
                L Loading New Software
                L Software Update Preferences
           L Mobile App
                L To Use the Mobile App
                L Profile
                L Climate
                L Security
      L Charging
           L Electric Vehicle Components
           L High Voltage Battery Information
                L About the High Voltage Battery
                L Battery Care
           L Charging Instructions
                L Opening the Charge Port
                L Plugging In
                L Charging Status
                L During Charging
                L Stopping Charging
                L Charge Settings
                L Scheduled Charging and Scheduled Departure
                L Supercharger Usage Fees and Idle Fees
      L Maintenance
           L Tire Care and Maintenance
                L Displaying Tire Pressures
                L Inspecting and Maintaining Tires
                L Replacing Tires and Wheels
                L Asymmetric Tires
                L Tire Pressure Monitoring
                L Seasonal Tire Types
                L Driving in Low Temperatures
           L Cleaning
                L Cleaning the Exterior
                L Car Wash Mode
                L Cautions for Exterior Cleaning
                L Cleaning the Interior
                L Touchscreen, Rear Touchscreen, and Instrument Panel
                L Polishing, Touch Up, and Body Repair
           L Wiper Blades and Washer Jets
           L Fluid Reservoirs
                L Removing the Maintenance Panel
                L Checking Brake Fluid
                L Topping Up Windshield Washer Fluid
           L Jacking and Lifting
                L Jacking Procedure
                L Jack Mode
           L Parts and Accessories
                L Parts, Accessories, and Modifications
                L Replacing Cabin Air Filters
      L Specifications
           L Identification Labels
           L Vehicle Loading
                L Vehicle Labeling
                L Vehicle Certification Label
                L Calculating Load Limits
           L Dimensions
           L Wheels and Tires
      L Roadside Assistance
           L Contacting Tesla Roadside Assistance
           L Instructions for Transporters
                L Do Not Transport with Wheels on the Ground
                L Approved Methods for Transporting
                L Activate Transport Mode
                L Pull Onto Flatbed Truck From Rear
                L If Vehicle Has No Power
      L Consumer Information
           L About this Owner Information
           L Disclaimers
                L Event Data Recorder (EDR)
                L Data Sharing
           L Reporting Safety Defects
           L Radio Regulatory Compliance

Tesla Model X 2015-2024 Service Manual

      L Introduction
           L How To Use This Manual
           L Repairs and Replacements
           L Warranty Service Regions
           L Abbreviations and Symbols
      L Best Practice
           L Electrical Precautions
           L General Precautions
           L Environmental Precautions
           L General Fitting Instructions
           L Oil Seals
           L Locking Devices
           L Flexible Pipes and Hoses
           L Wheels and Tires
           L Air Conditioning System Precautions
      L Charging
           L General
           L Charging Precautions
      L Technical Data
           L Vehicle Identification Number
           L Serial Number
      L Lifting and Jacking
      L Fluids and Capacities
           L Fluids
           L Fluid Capacities
      L Body
           L Jack Mode Activation
           L Raise Vehicle - 2 Post Lift
           L Raise Vehicle - 4 Post Lift
           L Liftgate Glass (Remove and Replace)
      L Closures
           L Hood Assembly (Remove and Install)
           L Striker - Hood (Remove and Replace)
           L Latch - Hood (Remove and Replace)
           L Door Glass - LH - Front - Adjust
           L Door Glass - LH - Rear - Adjust
           L Seal - Liftgate (Remove and Replace)
      L Exterior Fittings
           L Rear Lettering (Remove and Replace)
           L Badge - Ludicrous Speed (Retrofit)
           L Active Spoiler (Remove and Replace)
           L Trailer Hitch (Remove and Replace)
      L Seats
      L Instrument Panels
           L Glove Box (Remove and Replace)
           L IP Carrier (Remove and Replace)
           L Cross Car Beam (Remove and Replace)
      L Interior Trim
           L Headliner (Remove and Replace)
      L Battery System
                L HV Battery Coolant - Drain
                L HV Battery Coolant - Refill
      L Electrical
           L Disconnect 12V Power
           L ECU Box (Remove and Install)
           L Calibration - Front Radar Sensor
                L Vertical Alignment
                L Horizontal Alignment
           L Headlight - Adjust - North America
           L Lamps - Fog - Front - Adjust
           L Wiper Blades - Adjust
      L Thermal Management
           L Filter - Cabin (Remove and Replace)
                L Set Up HVAC Machine
                L Recover Refrigerant and Verify Charge
           L A/C Refrigerant Leak Detection
           L Condenser (Remove and Replace)
           L Fan - Condenser (Remove and Replace)
           L Compressor (Remove and Replace)
           L EXV Valve (Remove and Replace)
           L Battery Chiller (Remove and Replace)
           L Cooling System - Drain and Refill
                L Cooling System - Drain
                L Vacuum Fill
           L Radiator (Remove and Replace)
      L Safety and Restraint
      L Infotainment
           L Tweeter - Dash (Remove and Replace)
           L Tuner - AM - FM (Remove and Replace)
           L Antenna - GPS (Remove and Replace)
      L Chassis
                L Subframe Assembly - Rear (Remove)
                L Subframe Assembly - Rear (Installation )
      L Suspension
           L Four Wheel Alignment Check
                L Preparation
                L Alignment Check
           L Ride Height - Adjust
           L Suspension - Front - Check Torque
           L Suspension - Rear - Check Torque
           L Hub - Rear - LH (Remove and Replace)
           L Sway Bar - Rear (Remove and Replace)
      L Steering
           L Steering Rack (Remove and Replace)
           L Steering Wheel (Remove and Replace)
           L Steering Column (Remove and Replace)
      L Brakes
           L Rear Park Brake Caliper Release
           L Brake Pedal (Remove and Replace)
      L Wheels and Tires
           L Wheel (Remove and Install)
           L Tire - Front - LH
           L Tire - Front - LH - Rebalance
           L Tire - Front - LH - Repair
           L TPMS Sensor - ID Learn Procedure
           L Module - TPMS (Remove and Replace)
      L Front Drive Unit
      L Rear Drive Unit
                L Drive Unit - Rear - Large (Remove)
                L Drive Unit - Rear - Large (Installation)
                L Drive Unit - Rear - Small (Remove)
                L Drive Unit - Rear - Small (Install)
                L Drain
                L Fill
      L High Voltage System
           L Charge Port (Remove and Replace)
           L Charger (Remove and Replace)
                L Charger (Remove)
                L Charger (Install )
           L DCDC Converter (Remove and Replace)
                L HV Rapid Splitter Vehicle Side (Remove)
                L HV Rapid Splitter Vehicle Side (Replace)
                L HV Harness - Rapid Splitter to FJB (Remove )
                L HV Harness - Rapid Splitter to FJB (Replace)

Total pages: 875