Tesla Model X Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model X: Safety & Security Settings


 About the Security System

If Model X does not detect a key nearby and a locked door or trunk is opened, an alarm sounds. The headlights and turn signals also flash. To deactivate the alarm, press any button on the key fob.

 PIN to Drive

To increase security, you can prevent Model X from being driven until a 4-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) is entered. To enable this setting, touch Controls > Safety > PIN to Drive

 Speed Limit Mode

Speed Limit Mode allows you to limit acceleration and limit the maximum driving speed to a chosen value between 50 and 120 mph (80 and 193 km/h). The first time you use this feature, you must creat


 Tire - Front - LH - Rebalance

Warning: Always read and understand the tire equipment operator's manual and on-screen instructions before operating the wheel balancer or tire changer. Note: These instructions are based on the Hunter GSP9700 wheel balancer. Some steps might be different for other wheel balancers. Refer

 USB Ports

Model X has five USB ports: Two USB ports are located in the front compartment of the center console. These can be used to charge USB devices and to play audio files from a phone or USB device (see Playing Media from Devices). Two USB ports are located below the rear touchscreen that can

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