Tesla Model X Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model X: Mobile App

The Tesla mobile app allows you to communicate with Model X remotely using your iPhone or Android phone.

NOTE: The information below may not represent an exhaustive list of the functions available on the Tesla mobile app. To ensure access to new and improved features, download updated versions of the mobile app as they become available.


 To Use the Mobile App

To set up the Tesla mobile app to communicate with your Model X: 1. Download the Tesla mobile app to your phone. 2. Log in to the Tesla mobile app by entering your Tesla account credentials. 3. En


In the Profile tab located at the top corner of your phone's screen (shown as an avatar icon), you can: Switch to a different vehicle associated with your Tesla account, if you have access to mor


You can check the interior temperature and heat or cool the cabin before driving (even if it's in a garage), control the seat heaters, and defrost the windshield: Enable or disable Defrost Car by


 Seal - Liftgate (Remove and Replace)

Removal Open the liftgate. Carefully release the seal from the liftgate. Note: Components have been removed in this graphic to aid clarity. Remove the seal from the vehicle. I

 Controlling the Passenger Front Airbag

Model X has an occupancy classification system (OCS) that controls the status of the passenger front airbag. NOTE: The occupancy classification system (OCS) meets the regulatory requirement of FMVSS 208 and automatically detects when inflating the passenger front airbag would be unnecessary or p

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