Tesla Model X Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model X: Seating and Safety Restraints

Tesla Model X 2015-2023 Owner's Manual / Seating and Safety Restraints


 Front and Rear Seats

 Correct Driving Position

The seat, head support, seat belt and airbags work together to maximize your safety. Using these correctly ensures greater protection. Position the seat so you can wear the seat belt correctly, wh

 Adjusting Front Seats

Move seat forward/backward and adjust the seat's height and tilt angle up/down. Adjust backrest. Adjust lumbar support. WARNING: Before adjusting a front seat, check that the area around the


 Switch - Window Lift - Driver's (Remove and Replace)

Removal Remove the driver's door trim panel (refer to procedure). Move the NVH padding aside to access the switch pack. Caution: Take care not to damage component(s). Disconnect the electrical connector from the

 Antenna - Passive Entry - Front (Remove and Replace)

Removal Remove the HEPA filter duct (refer to procedure). Move the coolant reservoir away from the working area: Ensure that the reservoir cap is fully secured. Release the 12V harness clip from the coolant reservoir.

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