Tesla Model X Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model X: Airbags


 Location of Airbags

Airbags are located in the approximate areas shown below. Airbag warning information is printed on the sun visors. Model X is equipped with an airbag and lap/shoulder belt at both front seating pos

 Types of Airbags

Model X has the following types of airbags: Front airbags: The front airbags are designed to reduce injuries if larger children or adults are riding in the front seats. Follow all warnings and i

 Controlling the Passenger Front Airbag

Model X has an occupancy classification system (OCS) that controls the status of the passenger front airbag. NOTE: The occupancy classification system (OCS) meets the regulatory requirement of FMVSS


 Center Console Assembly (Remove and Install)

Removal Open both front doors and one of the 2nd row doors. Remove the center console air outlet (refer to procedure). Remove the rear center console trim (refer to procedure). Remove the LH and RH center console closeout extensions (refer to procedure). Remove the stora


In the Profile tab located at the top corner of your phone's screen (shown as an avatar icon), you can: Switch to a different vehicle associated with your Tesla account, if you have access to more than one. Navigate the Tesla Shop. Access the Tesla inbox. Manage your account information and

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