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Tesla Model X: Exterior/Interior Overview

Tesla Model X 2015-2023 Owner's Manual / Overview / Exterior/Interior Overview

Exterior Overview

NOTE: Depending on market region, vehicle configuration and options purchased, your vehicle may look slightly different than described.

Exterior Overview

  1. Exterior lights
  2. Door handles
  3. Charge port
  4. Autopilot cameras
  5. Exterior mirrors
  6. Hood/Front trunk
  7. Front/rear tow eye cover
  8. Wheels and tires
  9. Rear view camera
  10. Tow hitch cover
  11. Rear trunk/liftgate
  12. Ultrasonic sensors

Interior Overview

Interior Overview

  1. Interior door handles
  2. Left steering yoke buttons
    • Left Scroll Button
    • High Beam Headlights
    • Turn Signals
  3. Instrument panel
  4. Right steering yoke buttons
    • Right Scroll button to control Autopilot features
    • Horn
    • Wipers
    • Voice Commands
  5. Touchscreen
  6. Camera
  7. Cabin climate control
  8. Power window switches
  9. Manual door release
  10. Seats
  11. Brake pedal
  12. Accelerator pedal
  13. Wireless phone chargers
  14. Hazard warning lights
  15. Secondary drive mode selector
  16. Glovebox

Interior Overview

  1. Rear touchscreen
  2. USB ports
  3. Rear cup holders
  4. Adjustable climate control vents


     Touchscreen Overview

    In addition to the instrument panel, Model X is equipped with a front and rear touchscreen. NOTE: Throughout this Owner's Manual, the front touchscreen is referred to as the "touchscreen" whereas th

     Opening and Closing



     Climate Popup

    Touch the temperature arrows on the bottom of the touchscreen to display a popup for easy access to some of the most common climate controls: NOTE: For one-touch access to seat heaters and defrosters, you can add these controls to My Apps. See Customizing My Apps. Touch to access the main cli

     Parking Brake

    To engage the parking brake, touch Controls > Safety > Parking Brake. Follow the onscreen instructions. Use the touchscreen to manually release the parking brake (which also shifts Model X into Neutral): 1. Touch Controls > Safety. 2. Press the brake pedal, then touch Parking Brake. If

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