Tesla Model X Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model X: Charging Instructions


 Opening the Charge Port

The charge port is located on the left side of Model X, behind a door that is part of the rear tail light assembly. Park Model X to ensure that the charge cable easily reaches the charge port. Wit

 Plugging In

If desired, use the touchscreen to change the charge limit and the charging current (see Charge Settings). To charge at a public charging station, plug the appropriate adapter into the vehicle's ch

 Charging Status

Charging status displays on the instrument panel when the charge port door is open. Time remaining: The estimated time remaining to charge to your set limit (see Charge Settings). NOTE: When


 Riser - Driver's Seat - Outer (Remove and Replace)

Removal Remove the driver's seat (refer to procedure). Use a trim tool to release the clips that secure both covers to the seat riser. Remove and discard the bolts (x2) that secure the seat riser

 Replacing Cabin Air Filters

Model X has an air filter that prevents pollen, industrial fallout, road dust, and other particles from entering the cabin through the vents. Tesla recommends replacing these filters every 2 years (every year in China). Cabin filters can be purchased at the Tesla online store. To replace the ca

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