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Tesla Model X: Badge - Ludicrous Speed (Retrofit)

Tesla Model X 2015-2024 Service Manual / Exterior Fittings / Badge - Ludicrous Speed (Retrofit)

Special tool required for this procedure:

Supplier Part Number Description
Tesla 1054190-00-A FEELER GAUGES
Procedure Note: This procedure only applies to retrofitting the Ludicrous Speed badge on vehicles that already have the Performance battery badge installed. If installing the Performance battery badge and Ludicrous Speed badge together, refer to procedure 12050602 (refer to procedure).
  1. Use alcohol wipes to thoroughly clean the area below the battery badge. Wait until the area is fully dry before continuing this procedure. Caution: Care must be taken to avoid damage to paintwork and exterior trim.
  2. Affix a piece of masking tape vertically so that the right side of the tape touches the upper and lower left points of the "P" badge.

    Badge - Ludicrous Speed (Retrofit)

  3. Peel off the plastic front badge carrier from the "Ludicrous Speed" badge.
  4. Remove the plastic backing from the "Ludicrous Speed" badge.
  5. Place a 1 mm feeler gauge at the base of the "P" badge. Affix the LH edge of the "Ludicrous Speed" badge so that the top of the badge is flush with the feeler gauge and the LH side of the badge is flush with the masking tape.

    Badge - Ludicrous Speed (Retrofit)

  6. Place a 1 mm feeler gauge at the base of the "D" badge. Affix the RH edge of the "Ludicrous Speed" badge so that the top of the badge is flush with the feeler gauge.

    Badge - Ludicrous Speed (Retrofit)

  7. Firmly apply pressure all along the "Ludicrous Speed" badge to ensure that it is secured to the liftgate.
  8. Remove the masking tape and clean any leftover residue.


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