Tesla Model X Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model X: Lights


 Controlling Lights

Touch Controls > Lights to control the lights. NOTE: You can also access an abbreviated lights menu while driving by touching the Auto High Beam button on the steering yoke. A lights menu display

 High Beam Headlights

Use the high beam headlight button on the left side of the steering yoke to control the headlights: Press and quickly release to flash high beam headlights. Press and hold to turn on high beam h

 Rear Reading Lights

Model X is equipped with a reading light on each side of the rear seats, located above the door and next to the coat hangers (see Coat Hangers). To turn a reading light on or off, press its lens. I


 Subframe Assembly - Rear (Remove and Replace)

Removal Remove the rear drive unit: Small drive unit: Refer to procedure. Large drive unit: Refer to procedure. If the vehicle is equipped with air suspension, remove the bolt that secures the LH ride height sensor bracket to the subframe (torque 7

 Wearing Seat Belts When Pregnant

Do not put the lap or shoulder sections of the seat belt over the abdominal area. Wear the lap section of the belt as low as possible across the hips, not the waist. Position the shoulder portion of the belt between the breasts and to the side of the abdomen. Consult your doctor for specific gu

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