Tesla Model X Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model X: About Autopilot


 How It Works

Your Model X includes the following components that actively monitor the surrounding area: A camera is mounted above the rear license plate. Ultrasonic sensors are located in the front and rear b

 Autopilot Features

NOTE: Depending on market region, vehicle configuration, options purchased, and software version, your vehicle may not be equipped with all features listed below, or a feature may not operate exact


Many factors can impact the performance of Autopilot components, causing them to be unable to function as intended. These include (but are not limited to): Poor visibility (due to heavy rain, snow


 Grille - Speaker - Liftgate (Remove and Replace)

Removal Use a trim tool to release the clips (x12) that secure the speaker grille to the top of the middle liftgate trim. Tip: If necessary, open the liftgate and set it to a comfortable working height. Note: Components have been

 Correct Driving Position

The seat, head support, seat belt and airbags work together to maximize your safety. Using these correctly ensures greater protection. Position the seat so you can wear the seat belt correctly, while being as far away from the front airbag as possible: 1. Sit upright with both feet on the floor

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