Tesla Model X Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model X: Trailer Mode

Trailer Mode must always be active when towing a trailer. When you connect a trailer's electrical connection, Model X automatically engages Trailer Mode. When you disconnect the trailer's electrical connection, Trailer Mode disengages. To engage or exit Trailer Mode manually, touch Controls > Pedals & Steering > Trailer Mode on the touchscreen. One of the following indicators display on the instrument panel:

Trailer Mode is active.

Model X detects a connection for trailer lights but Trailer Mode is disabled. It is likely that a carrying accessory has been connected.

Model X detects a faulty electrical connection for the trailer lights. Some, or all, trailer lights may not be functioning. Pull over as soon as safety permits and inspect the trailer lights for faulty cabling or connections. If the issues are resolved and the red icon still persists, turn Trailer Mode off and on again.

Some Autopilot features (Autosteer, Summon, Lane Assist, etc.), as well as rear parking sensor functionality, may not be available when Trailer Mode is enabled. In addition, some features may operate differently. For example:

  • Traffic-Aware Cruise Control increases the following distance from the car in front of you.
  • The air suspension system will not make speed-based adjustments from Medium to Low.
  • The air suspension system does not automatically raise ride height based on saved locations.
  • Side collision warnings are active but automatic steering interventions are disabled.
  • The braking force provided by Automatic Emergency Braking (see Collision Avoidance Assist) is significantly limited.

WARNING: Do not rely on Model X to detect the trailer and automatically engage Trailer Mode. Always check that Trailer Mode is engaged before towing a trailer.

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you exit Trailer Mode when towing a trailer. Doing so can cause serious injury and/or death.

WARNING: Do not use the suspension setting to appropriately match the height of the hitch with the height of the trailer. You must choose a trailer hitch and trailer that have the appropriate height for suitable axle loading and trailer balance.