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Tesla Model X: Adjusting Second Row Seats (Monopost)

A Model X equipped with monopost seats can accommodate two passengers in the second row. To adjust the position of these seats, use the manual adjustments.

Front and Rear Seats

Use the button near the top of the seat to move the seat back forward/backward.

Use the L-shaped button at the bottom of the seat to move the seat forward/backward (up/down on the control) and adjust the backrest by tilting the top of the L-shaped button forward/backward.

NOTE: The backrest locks into position when you release the lever. If a backrest is not locked into position when a drive mode is engaged, the instrument panel displays an alert for the unlocked backrest. Adjust the backrest again, ensuring it locks into position.

WARNING: Before driving, ensure the seat is locked in position. You may need to pull the seat forward or backward until it clicks into place.


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