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Tesla Model X: Approved Methods for Transporting

A flatbed truck or comparable transport vehicle is the recommended method of transporting Model X. The vehicle can face either direction when using a flatbed.

Instructions for Transporters

If Model X must be transported without a flatbed truck, then wheel lifts and dollies must be used to ensure that all four wheels are off of the ground. This method may only be used for a maximum of 35 miles (55 km), and must not exceed the manufacturer speed rating of the dollies. With this method, Tesla recommends the vehicle faces forward so that the front wheels are lifted and the rear wheels are on dollies.

NOTE: Transporting Model X with the front wheels on dollies is not recommended, but may be done if an external steering yoke lock is applied and care is taken to prevent the front wheels from spinning.


Instructions for Transporters

CAUTION: Enable Transport Mode (see Activate Transport Mode) before winching Model X onto a flatbed truck. If Transport Mode is not available or the touchscreen is not accessible, self-loading dollies or tire skates must be used to load the vehicle into the approved transportation position. Tesla is not responsible for any damage caused by or during the transport of Model X, including personal property damage or damage caused by using self-loading dollies or tire skates.

NOTE: Transport Mode is only intended to allow for winching Model X onto a flatbed truck or repositioning the vehicle out of a parking space. While in Transport Mode, the tires are allowed to rotate slowly (under 3 mph or 5 km/h) and for a very short distance (less than 30 feet or 10 meters). See Activate Transport Mode. Exceeding these boundaries can lead to significant damage and overheating that is not covered by the warranty.

WARNING: Model X is equipped with high voltage components that may be compromised as a result of a collision (see High Voltage Components). Before transporting Model X, it is important to assume these components are energized. Always follow high voltage safety precautions (wearing personal protection equipment, etc.) until emergency response professionals have evaluated the vehicle and can accurately confirm that all high voltage systems are no longer energized. Failure to do so may result in serious injury.

Disable the Self-Leveling Air Suspension System

NOTE: If Model X has no low voltage power, you need an external low voltage power supply to use the touchscreen. See If Vehicle Has No Power.

Your Model X is equipped with an air suspension system that automatically self-levels the vehicle, even when power is off. To prevent damage, you must activate Jack mode to disable self-leveling:

1. Touch Controls > Suspension on the touchscreen.

2. Press the brake pedal, and then touch Very High to maximize height.

3. Touch Controls > Service > Jack Mode.

NOTE: Jack mode cancels when driving speed exceeds 4 mph (7 km/h).


     Activate Transport Mode

    Transport Mode keeps the parking brake disengaged while winching Model X onto a flatbed truck. When active, Transport Mode displays a message indicating that the vehicle will remain free-rolling. T

     Pull onto the Flatbed Truck From Front (Without Tow Eye)

    CAUTION: To avoid damage, only pull the vehicle onto a flatbed truck using a properly-installed tow eye. Using the chassis, frame, or suspension components to pull the vehicle can result in damage

     Pull Onto Flatbed Truck From Rear

    CAUTION: To avoid damage, only pull the vehicle onto a flatbed truck using a properly-installed tow eye. Using the tow hitch, chassis, frame, or suspension components to pull the vehicle can resul


     Stopping Charging

    Stop charging at any time by disconnecting the charge cable or touching Stop Charging on the touchscreen. NOTE: To prevent unauthorized unplugging of the charge cable, the charge cable latch remains locked and Model X must be unlocked or able to recognize your key before you can disconnect the c

     Standby Mode

    To keep Model X ready to Summon and reduce the time it takes to warm up, turn on Standby Mode. Touch Controls > Autopilot > Standby Mode. When Standby Mode is turned on, you can conserve Battery energy by disabling Standby Mode at these locations: Exclude Home - Disables Standby Mode at

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