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Tesla Model X: Key Fob

You can quickly familiarize yourself with the key fob by thinking of it as a miniature version of Model X, with the Tesla badge representing the front. The key has buttons that feel like softer areas on the surface.


  1. Trunk
    • Double-click to open or close the rear trunk.
    • If equipped with a powered liftgate, double-click to unlatch the rear trunk. You can also single-click to stop the liftgate when it is moving.
    • Hold the button down for one to two seconds to open the charge port door.
  2. Lock/Unlock All
    • Single-click to lock all doors and rear trunk. Hazard warning lights flash once.

NOTE: If a door or the rear trunk is open, hazard warning lights flash three times and doors do not lock. But you can enable a single-click to both close all doors (and rear trunk) and lock them, by turning on the Close All with Key Fob setting (touch Controls > Locks > Close All with Key Fob). By default, this setting is turned off and you must triple-click the button to close and lock all doors.

  • Double-click to unlock. Hazard warning lights flash twice.

NOTE: If Automatic Doors is enabled (touch Controls > Locks > Automatic Doors), doors unlock and the driver's door opens as you approach Model X. A subsequent double-click opens the passenger front door.

  1. Front trunk
    • Double-click to unlatch the front trunk.
  2. Falcon wing doors
    • Double-click to open/close the associated falcon wing door.
    • Single-click to stop movement of the associated falcon wing door. Subsequently double-clicking reverses movement of the falcon wing door. For example if the door was opening, it closes, and vice versa.

NOTE: Falcon wing doors are designed to proactively detect obstacles that prevent the doors from moving when an obstacle is detected.

WARNING: Model X falcon wing doors have several sensors to detect the presence of an object in the door's path. In most cases, when an object is detected, the door stops moving. However, the sensors are unable to detect all areas under all circumstances, particularly when closing, Therefore, you must monitor the movement of falcon wing doors to ensure the door's path of movement is free of obstacles, staying prepared at all times to proactively intervene to stop the door from contacting an object (including a person). Failure to do so can cause serious damage or bodily injury.

Once inside, power up Model X by pressing the brake pedal within two minutes of pressing the unlock button on the key fob (see Starting and Powering Off). If you wait longer than two minutes, you must press the unlock button again, or place the key fob near the card reader located in the lower half of the left wireless phone charger, facing downward, on the center console. When your key fob is detected, the two minute authentication period restarts.

When approaching or leaving Model X carrying the key fob, you do not need to point the key fob at Model X as you press a button, but you must be within operating range.

Radio equipment on a similar frequency can affect the key. If this happens, move the key at least one foot (30 cm) away from other electronic devices (phones, laptops, etc.).

In the event that the key fob's battery is dead, you can still use it. To unlock the vehicle, scan the key fob on the card reader located on the driver's side door pillar (like the key card).


To drive the vehicle, scan the key fob on the phone charger.

1. Place it at the top of the left phone charger, against the center divider.

2. Point the front of the key fob to the left.

3. Swipe downwards.


Instructions for changing the battery are provided in Replacing the Key Fob Battery.

NOTE: You can use the same key fob with multiple Model X vehicles provided you authenticate it (see Managing Keys). However, key fob works with only one Model X at a time. Therefore, to use a key fob for a different Model X, touch its flat side against the card reader on the driver's side door pillar.

NOTE: Model X supports up to four different key fobs.

CAUTION: Protect the key from impact, high temperatures, and damage from liquids. Avoid contact with solvents, waxes, and abrasive cleaners.


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