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Tesla Model X: Overview of Climate Controls

Climate controls are available at the bottom of the touchscreen. By default, climate control is set to Auto, which maintains optimum comfort in all but the most severe weather conditions. When you adjust the cabin temperature while in the Auto setting, the system automatically adjusts the heating, air conditioning, air distribution, and fan speed to maintain the cabin at your selected temperature.

Touch the displayed temperature at the bottom of the touchscreen to access the main climate controls screen, where you can adjust your climate preferences. You can revert back to Auto at any time by touching Auto. Touch the power button on the main climate controls screen to toggle on or off. For quick access to common controls, touch < or > to display the climate popup.

NOTE: The climate control system is powered by the high voltage Battery. Therefore, prolonged use decreases driving range.

WARNING: To avoid burns resulting from prolonged use, individuals who have peripheral neuropathy, or whose capacity to feel pain is limited because of diabetes, age, neurological injury, or some other condition, should exercise caution when using the climate control system and seat heaters.


     Adjusting Climate Control Settings

    NOTE: Easily adjust your climate preferences, such as turning on the seat heater or changing the cabin temperature, hands-free by using voice commands (see Voice Commands). NOTE: For one-touch acce

     Climate Popup

    Touch the temperature arrows on the bottom of the touchscreen to display a popup for easy access to some of the most common climate controls: NOTE: For one-touch access to seat heaters and defroste

     Adjusting the Front and Rear Vents

    Model X has a unique horizontal face-level vent that spans the width of the dashboard. It also has vents at the top and bottom of the rear console. Driver vents Driver controls Passenger contro


     Trim - C-Pillar - Upper - LH (Remove and Replace)

    Remove Remove the LH rear trunk carpet and trim assembly (refer to procedure). Remove the screws that secure the bottom of the C-pillar upper trim panel to the body (torque 3 Nm).   Release the clips that secure the C-pillar upper trim pan

     Badge - Ludicrous Speed (Retrofit)

    Special tool required for this procedure: Supplier Part Number Description Tesla 1054190-00-A FEELER GAUGES

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