Tesla Model X Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model X: Adjusting Second Row Seats (Bench)

Second row bench seats can accommodate up to three passengers. Use the mechanical adjustment lever located at the side of each outboard seating position to adjust the seat backs. A bench seat is split 60/40 so the adjustment lever on the left side moves the seat backs for both the left and center seats, whereas the lever on the right side moves the rightmost seat back only. While pulling and holding the lever, move the seat back to the desired position, and then release the lever. When returning a seat back to its upright position, try moving it forward or back to ensure it is securely latched into position.

Front and Rear Seats

WARNING: Riding in a moving vehicle with the seat back reclined can result in serious injuries in a collision, as you could slide under the lap belt or be propelled into the seat belt. Ensure the backs of occupied seats are reclined no more than 30 degrees when the vehicle is moving.