Tesla Model X Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model X: Attaching Upper Tether Straps

If an upper tether strap is provided, attach its hook to the anchor point located on the back of the second and third row (if equipped) seats.

NOTE: The location of anchor points may not be readily visible but can be found by identifying a slice in the seat's material.

WARNING: Tighten upper tether straps according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the child safety seat.


For dual-strap tethers, position a strap on each side of the head restraint.

NOTE: If Model X is equipped with the optional six seat interior, a center seating position is not available in the second row.

WARNING: When routing tether straps, keep the strap close to the headrest as illustrated below. On a Model X equipped with third row seats, do not allow a tether strap to cover the third row access button on the rear shoulder of the seat.

Child Safety Seats

Dual Straps - Second Row Monopost Seats

Child Safety Seats

Dual Straps - Second Row Bench Seats

Child Safety Seats

Dual Straps - Third Row Seats:

Child Safety Seats

For single-strap tethers, position the strap in the outboard seating positions over the outside-facing side of the head restraint (the same side of the head restraint as the seat belt retraction mechanism). In the center seating position (if equipped), center and position the strap over the top of the head restraint.

Single Strap - Second Row Monopost Seats

Child Safety Seats

Single Strap - Second Row Bench Seats

Child Safety Seats

Single Strap - Third Row Seats

Child Safety Seats


     Testing a Child Safety Seat

    Before seating a child, always make sure the child safety seat is not loose: 1. Hold the child safety seat by the belt path and try to slide the safety seat from side to side and front to back. 2.


     Location of Airbags

    Airbags are located in the approximate areas shown below. Airbag warning information is printed on the sun visors. Model X is equipped with an airbag and lap/shoulder belt at both front seating pos


     Brake Lines - Master Cylinder to ABS (Remove and Replace)

    Removal Recover refrigerant from the vehicle (refer to procedure). Remove the wiper motor assembly (refer to procedure). Disconnect the brake fluid level sensor electrical connector.   Move the coolant reservoir out of the working area:

     Key Card

    Tesla provides you with two Model X key cards, designed to fit in your wallet. To use a key card to unlock or lock Model X, position the card as shown and tap it against the card reader located approximately one third the way up of the driver's side door pillar. When Model X detects the key card

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