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Tesla Model X: Cautions for Exterior Cleaning

Tesla Model X 2015-2024 Owner's Manual / Maintenance / Cleaning / Cautions for Exterior Cleaning

CAUTION: Do not wash in direct sunlight.

CAUTION: Do not use windshield treatment fluids. Doing so can interfere with wiper friction and cause a chattering sound.

CAUTION: Do not use hot water, detergents, or highly alkaline or caustic cleaning products, especially those containing hydroxide.

CAUTION: If using a pressure washer, maintain a distance of at least 12" (30 cm) between the nozzle and the surface of Model X. Avoid aiming the water jet directly at parking sensors (if equipped). Keep the nozzle moving and do not concentrate the water jet on any one area.

CAUTION: Do not aim water hoses directly at windows, door, or hood seals or at electronic modules or exposed cabling.

CAUTION: To avoid corrosive damage that may not be covered by the warranty, rinse away any road salt from the underside of the vehicle, wheel wells, and brakes. After cleaning the vehicle, dry the brakes by going on a short drive and applying the brakes multiple times.

CAUTION: Avoid using tight-napped or rough cloths, such as washing mitts. A high-quality microfiber cleaning cloth is recommended.

CAUTION: If washing in an automatic car wash, use touchless car washes only. These car washes have no parts (brushes, etc.) that touch the surfaces of Model X. Some touchless car washes use caustic solutions that, over time, can cause discoloration of decorative exterior trim. Avoid exposure to soaps and chemicals above pH 13. If unsure, check the product label or ask the staff at the car wash. Damage caused by improper washing is not covered by the warranty.

CAUTION: If washing in an automatic car wash, make sure the vehicle is locked. In addition, avoid using controls on the touchscreen that can result in accidentally opening doors or trunks while the vehicle is being washed. Any damage caused is not covered by the warranty.

CAUTION: Ensure the wipers are off before washing Model X to avoid the risk of damaging the wipers.

CAUTION: Do not use chemical based wheel cleaners or pre-wash products. These can damage the finish on the wheels.

WARNING: Never spray liquid at a high velocity (for example, if using a pressure washer) towards the charge port while Model X is charging. Failure to follow these instructions can result in serious injury or damage to the vehicle, charging equipment, or property.


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