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Tesla Model X: Examples of Correct and Incorrect Seating Positions

Tesla Model X 2015-2024 Owner's Manual / Seating and Safety Restraints / Airbags / Examples of Correct and Incorrect Seating Positions

Correct seating position:


Incorrect seating position - the passenger's feet must be on the floor:


Incorrect seating position - the passenger must not slide forward on the seat cushion:


Incorrect seating position - the passenger must not recline the backrest to a laying down position when the vehicle is moving:


Inflation Effects

WARNING: When airbags inflate, a fine powder is released. This powder can irritate the skin and should be thoroughly flushed from the eyes and from any cuts or abrasions.

After inflation, the airbags deflate to provide a gradual cushioning effect for the occupants and to ensure the driver's forward vision is not obscured.

If airbags have inflated, or if your vehicle has been in a collision, always have the airbags, seat belt pre- tensioners and any associated components checked and, if necessary, replaced by Tesla.

In a collision, in addition to the airbags inflating:

  • Doors and liftgate unlock.
  • Hazard warning lights turn on.
  • Interior lights turn on.
  • High voltage is disabled.

To restore high voltage power, use the touchscreen to manually power off Model X (see Powering Off), then press the brake to power it back on again.


     Airbag Warning Indicator

    The airbag indicator on the touchscreen remains lit if the airbag system is malfunctioning. The only time this indicator should light up is briefly when Model X first powers up, in which case it


     Driver Profiles



    Opening and Closing Press down on a switch to lower the associated window. Window switches operate at two levels: To lower a window fully, press the switch all the way down and immediately release. To lower a window partially, press the switch gently and release when the window is where you

     Touchscreen, Rear Touchscreen, and Instrument Panel

    Clean the touchscreen and instrument panel using a soft lint-free cloth specifically designed to clean monitors and displays. Do not use cleaners (such as a glass cleaner) or alcohol-based gel products (such as hand sanitizer) and do not use a wet wipe or a dry statically- charged cloth (such as

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